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Second 'black box' found in China Eastern plane crash

Chinese state media say the second “black box” has been recovered from the crash of a China Eastern Boeing 737-800 that killed 132 people last week ( More...

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sparkie624 7
Great News.. now maybe we can find out what really happened, if the Chinese decide not to cover it up.
And if people with no facts refrain from sowing doubt about the integrity of the investigation.
sparkie624 3
That part is yet to be seen... Would be nice if they sent the FDR untouched to Washington-DC to be read, I would feel a lot more comfortable about what really happened when it comes to the report!
I don't have full confidence in Boeing and the US authorities on these subjects, after the issues with the 737 MAX and 787 build quality. So control over this aspect of the investigation (assuming the US and Boeing are able to participate or observe) doesn't seem to me to be so critial.
sparkie624 3
I just trust a US read vs a China Read especially when we are looking at Crew Suicide!
Doug Haviland 2
Seems highly unlikely the jet would have nosed over and created a 65ft deep hole like a lawn dart due to mechanical failure short of the wings, tail or all becoming detached. Sure looks crew induced to me.
By the way it was a 737 800 not a MAX.
sparkie624 1
Exactly my thoughts... If it had been a Mechanical, the plane would have been flopping all over the place... If elevator or stab issues the plane would have porpoised until it just stalled/pancaked into the ground... Not a Straight Down Nose Dive. If they had released the controls, it would have come a close enough to level flight or maybe even level off if it had been Mechanical.
bbabis 1
If any CVR FDR data is available it will be cut and dried. If released in unedited form it will be believable. Any edits, and throw it entirely out the window.
jbermo 1
Someday, "black boxes" will all be obsolete (with no need to dig for them) when with real-time satellite data streaming. If only for more satellite bandwidth.
sparkie624 4
Would be nice... But there are other issues that could arise that would prevent that as well.. at the required frequency, shooting (the signal) through clouds would be difficult... With a plane diving out of control (or Improper control) would probably have issues having the signals to reach the Satellite. You are talking about huge amounts of data to say the least. Keep in mind that you will have 256 or better data points logged at least 4 times per second and then you have many thousand planes to be transmitting the data and then you have to have a data center that will collect that data and save it in a secure fashion that cannot be hijacked by data thieves or persons wanting to hack and alter data. - I personally just do not see that happening over the next 20 years in my opinion.


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