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Flying on Russian planes is about to get much more dangerous

As Russia's economy gets pummeled by increasingly severe western sanctions for its invasion of Ukraine, the country's crucial airline industry could soon find itself on life support. Russian airlines have been essentially cut off from much of the world. But that is the least of the industry's problems. Russia's domestic airline industry could soon become a mere shell of its former self due to restrictions on its operations. Sanctions imposed by the United States and the… ( More...

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ADXbear 2
I see expansion of the MEL list.. left engine inop, use long runway, good luck!
Shenghao Han 1
I think it's not justified to assume Russian Airlines won't kept their standards and make "flying more dangerous on Russian planes".
After all in Soviet era, planes are often grounded due to engine reliability issues.
avionik99 -5
In the meanwhile over in America their president has stopped buying Russian oil causing highest gas prices ever along with inflation to his country. There ya go Putin that'll teach you! Is that Biden guy a complete moron or what?
Art Jackson 3
So in your view the cause of the recent spike in gas prices isn’t due to Putin starting a war. It’s all because Biden didn’t roll over for Russia like the previous administration did. Typical twisted alt-right logic gloriously unencumbered by reality.
avionik99 0
We could not stop the war but we do have a choice of gas prices! That is the true reality!
Art Jackson 1
Using your logic the rape victim is to blame because she shouldn’t have worn that tight dress. SMH


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