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UAE will try to shoot down the F-35 through Su-75 Checkmate

Nearly two months have passed since mid-July when the Russian state-owned company Rostec introduced to the world the latest Russian stealth fighter of the fifth-generation Su-75 Checkmate. ( More...

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belzybob 7
Even allowing for the language factor, that is a very badly written article.
Peter Fuller 4
So, taking the headline literally: the UAE will try to fire a missile or some cannon shells directly through an Su-75 into an F-35, thereby taking down two birds with one stone. I’d buy a ticket!
Dan Chiasson 3
Click bait title. Common FlightAware, some due diligence please.
James Simms 1
That & linking article’s residing behind a paywall
Dan Chiasson 3
Is it me or has the quality of content and the user experience (this article is an example) slipped over the last year?
Gregg Bender 2
Good luck with that.
Jim DeTour 1
So if I fly the SU-75 and don't get hit can I keep it?
That speed is beyond my comfort zone.. Only flew Helios and 747's


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