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'System error' prompts Southwest delays, planes parked on runways at DIA

DENVER — Multiple 9NEWS viewers and people on Twitter from across the country said their Southwest Airlines flights experienced delays on Monday evening – and photos showed that some planes were parked on the tarmac at Denver International Airport. ( More...

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Phil Howry 9
Welcome to the "high tech" world; no one is responsible.
David Tsai 2
Yeah, I find it weird when people hide behind technology. No, the algorithm didn't just act up. Someone created the algorithm, and someone chose to employ that algorithm. There is a human in the loop somewhere.
Matthew Mouritsen 16
I totally understand system issues and planes at gates preventing offloading through the jetway.

But I don't understand the planes (as many as twenty according to one tweet) just sitting, waiting for a gate in the 100° plus heat.

Get a stair truck out there with a bus, and let the people off the aircraft.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Silent Bob 2
Haha, what?! I scoured our ops specs and FOM and couldn't find any list of acceptable reasons to return to a/the gate. The only requirement is to record the OUT and IN times for DOT and flight time tracking purposes. It's true that the decision to gate return is made in coordination with dispatch, station ops, etc. But never in my time at the airline have I heard that once a flight is "en route" it can only return to the gate for certain events. I'd really love to see a reference for that statement.
SkyAware123 -2
uhm, they have this thing called airconditioning on planes. IT even works at the gate. Maybe the last 50 years or so ????
Matthew Mouritsen 5
Yes, and we all know how well A/C works when only powered by the APU. Not to mention older packs on many of the aircraft. Even when connected to PCA, the amount of cool air being circulated is hardly enough to keep things cool in an aircraft sitting on the tarmac.
SkyAware123 -1
Been fine whenever I flew out of Phoenix with many days of 100+ (like half the year).
dnorthern 7
It is DEN

The correct IATA location code should be used
Shawn Connelly 12
Locally it is referred to as DIA, not by the IATA code.
Kansas City is the same way. Locals call it KCI--when it is really MCI. Drives me batty.
mikeenderle 1
Wooooh. Aren't you fancy?
Scott Campbell 1
I bet your a member of the cap and grammar police as well
Mike Williams 0
ESL and for everybody are free for all. I don't know about ESL and may be free also but for pretty much everybody.
Mike Palazzini 2
Jaime Terrassa 2
they tell us what they want us to know one will never know what really happened
Robert Longpre 1
Sounds like Southwest got hacked and had to pay ransom.
Andre Page 1
This caught me flying out of Kansas City... Flight delayed an hour. My brother got Cancelled all together and had to scramble for a flight on American to get home. ;-/
Kurt Huber 1
Cyber attack
avionik99 1
At the same time Wal-Mart had computer issues.
Robert Cowling -6
Were they hacked, or just stupid? Ouch...
SkyAware123 2
software fix/change gone bad likely.
Silent Bob 0
Same question could be asked of you...
sparkie624 -3
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Major delays for Southwest flights after reported network outage

All Southwest Airlines flights were temporarily grounded after a nationwide outage Monday evening, according to an airport in Southern California.
While the outage is now resolved and flights are resuming, it led to delays for all Southwest planes, including ones at the Sacramento International Airport.
sparkie624 -3
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Southwest Airlines implements ground stop after third-party tech issues

Southwest Airlines said early Tuesday that it implemented a ground stop due to "intermittent performance issues" from a third-party weather data provider, but flights are beginning to resume.
James T -4
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Southwest Airlines cancels 500 flights after computer glitch grounds fleet

The Federal Aviation Administration said it had issued a nationwide groundstop at the request of Southwest Airlines to resolve a computer reservation issue.


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