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Canada To Impound China C919 Test Aircraft While In Canada And Arrest Its Crew?

The Chinese C919 test aircraft and team is expected to arrive at the beginning of March, specifically, at London, Ontario airport, depending on covid19 travel restrictions. ( More...

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william baker 4
Don’t you think you should at least wait till the plane is in Canada before you spread words that you are going to impound the plane and arrest the crew. I mean at this point they could just say nope we arent coming to Canada.
liassic 1
Do you really need to link to made up click bait stories like this?
It's just rubbish.
Reduces my view of the quality of your newsletter.
belzybob 1
Whilst China is such a piss-pot country that it would arrest without grounds, I don't see Canada behaving the same way. I also believe (although I could be wrong) that these Canadian citizens in China are actually of Chinese origin and who have taken up Canadian citizenship.
Patrick Beresford 2
Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou didn't they?
bill mcdonald 2
You are wrong, they are both Canadians. It’s a political response by the Chinese to arrest a Canadian because Canada arrested a Chinese citizen on behalf of the United States. They are political pawns.


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