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Virgin Australia orders 25 Boeing 737 Max 10s, cancels previous deal

Virgin Australia, which most recently exited administration under new owners, has placed a new order for 25 Boeing 737 Max 10s, after cancelling its existing commitments for the type. The airline had held orders for 48 737 Max , including 23 Max 8s and 25 Max 10s, but had repeatedly pushed back deliveries. ( More...

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I have mostly used Virgin Australia for domestic travel around Australia (pre-Covid) but with this 737 Max order I'll be patronizing their competitors in the future and I don't think I'll be the only one.
David Crooke 4
I will be flying REX [Regional Express] when they start flying in March
John Ugrenovic 5
There is no way in hell i would fly on a Boeing 737 max! I don’t give a crap about what assurance the crooked FAA give the world that the B737 max is safe! I value my life! This will be a grave mistake by Virgin Australia!
Ray Harrop 1
Good luck with that - wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.
Who would go in any aircraft under current covid spreading? Prefer to drive except borders are closing again.


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