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Return Of The Max: Boeing 737 Takes Off On First Commercial Flight in 20 Months

Boeing's 737 Max jet is flying commercial routes once again, as Brazil's Gol Airlines brought the jetliner back into service Wednesday. The worldwide fleet of 737 Max planes has been grounded since March 2019, after two deadly crashes raised concerns over the aircraft's safety and airworthiness. ( More...

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sparkie624 0
About time... Only issue was with the Single AOA Version A/C... All should have dual AOA's US FAA Requires all Airliners to have Dual AOA... Stupid not to have it... Ugh, Would have never happened if not for a 3rd world country cutting safety corners
matt jensen 2
rather not being informed
linbb 0
Better pilots would have done wonders along with when there is a problem dont launch an AC filled with pax to test it. Would never fly a third world airline.
I won't say they could not have done a better job or didn't make a mistake. But not many pilots would handle warnings of unreliable airspeed, attitude and pitch along with stick shaker and runaway trim. The first crew, ignorant of MCAS, kept their plane in the air for 12 minutes. The Ethiopians, with disclosure of MCAS and the earlier crash, only managed six minutes.
airuphere -1
Standard procedure for runaway trim would of saved both. Read the transcripts - too much time guessing / being silent / trying to re-engage a system that should of been left disengaged - not enough time flying the aircraft.
This oversimplifies. When the Ethiopian crew used the trim cutout switches, it left the trim nose-down. They could not trim manually because of airspeed, which resulted from work-overload and startle factors.
The issue is not the fact of a single sensor. The issue is WHY they relied on a single sensor. Think it through!
patrick baker -1
boeing has never even tried to justify the loony idea of a single sensor, as there is plenty of room to have two or more sensors, for both safety and common sense's sake. What other ommissions have we yet to uncover?
Well, if you have two sensors, you have to have some way of indicating that they disagree. Then you have to have training. It's the training that killed the whole idea of pilots interacting with this system.
sparkie624 2
With 2 systems of anything, you get EFIS Comp Mon message, a Caution Message, and a Message that says something to the nature of "AOA Disagree" - With a disagree, neither computer would act on it leaving up the to pilot!


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