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Airbus staying prepared for aggressive single-aisle rebound

Airbus is expecting the single-aisle market to recover faster than the long-haul sector, but the airframer is stressing that the pattern of deliveries is the most difficult part of its business to forecast. It has not offered any guidance in its newly-issued first-quarter financial statement. ( More...

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Tom Pera 2
won't happen... Boeing/Airbus will struggle for years...
Mike Dryden 1
Seems strange that the title of the article doesn’t reflect the content. The assessment that single isles will rebound faster than twins is reasonable, at some yet to be determined point in the future.
ian mcdonell 1
I have a brand new crystal ball I will sell them
belzybob 2
I have two, it's a pain to walk.
skylab72 1
Of course, silly crystal balls can't walk.


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