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Canadian investigators invited by Teheran to join the team probing Crash

The las paragraph: Iran's civil aviation authority says it has invited Canadian investigators from the Transportation Safety Board to join a growing team probing the crash. ( More...

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airuphere 6
Investigators / black boxes all fine and dandy.. but when the USA has infrared launch detecting sats in LEO and HEO, and can confirm the launch of the missle.. and most likely impact.. what else is there?
airuphere 4
Now that Iran has admitted it.. saying it was mistaken for a cruise missle.. I say how can a blip on screen with transponder on, climbing out of 7800ft from the capital city.. heading out of the county be a cruise missle?? So much bs - was intentional or phsyops by us or Mossad.. (half kidding)
Ian Shelby 1
The same can be said for the USS Vincennes incident
firing a missile at Iran Air Flight 655
Explain the stupidity and negligence of that incident
mmc7090 3
See if they are allowed along the initial 8k detonation to impact. Would be difficult even for the FBI to sift out the facts. Since Iran already spoken about psychological responsibility? Did the blow their cover story?
cowboybob 2
what's to "probe" what?
Don Quixote 3
Sadly, the Iranians will continue to lie and will not admit fault nor apologize to the victims of this tragic accident, regardless if it was intentional or accidental. Unlike the Americans in 1988 with the shoot down of the Iranian flight...they admitted fault, deep regret and apologized. The U.S. government even paid over $61 million dollars to the families of the deceased. Maybe they'll eventually reverse course, but for now this is typical of Iran. Blaming it on something else and lying on the public, even though we all know they shot it down.
Remember that it took a long investigation before the USA admitted their mistake, at first we saw the same reaction that Iran is showing now. Let’s hope that the open faction in Iran will prevail in the end, even that regime is not monolithic.
Kyle Beller 1
Looks like you're wrong again Don...
Miguel Otero 3
The crash area has been already compromised so save your money because is NOTHING to investigate. Iran regime control everything. They don't want to invite the manufacturer ==> BOEING because is USA.
Looks like you are wrong.
Brian Lager 2
Not sure what the Canadian investigators will find. The site has been combed by Iran to ensure that no missile fragments will be found. The data on both recorders will only provide data until the power was lost. The voice recorder could have some information about the impact via the pilot and co-pilot. The Canadians have excellent facilities to investigate the DFDR and DVR. If the Ukrainians are allowed to copy both, Canada could get a copy for themselves and the US. But, the Iranians really don't want the truth to come out. At least not yet.
There were photos of the missile head, let’s see what the Iranians will do. There are conflicting reports on the attitude of their government, maybe the more open faction will win.
Rob Palmer 1
So much for the narrow-minded ones; may a true God protect us from such people.
Let's pray he will
Kyle Beller 0
"true God"? get outta her with that crap will ya? Theres ample other websites and chat boards if you want to engage in that kind of nonsense.
linbb -4
Why bother there is nothing of value left there not even much scrap to sell. They released the video needed to sink anyones questions as to what happned. Its just which idiot pushed the button.
the hobbs 10
Hrm, just yesterday you were jumping on folks for suggesting that the aircraft was shot down and that it was definitely a mechanical failure....
joel wiley 1
That was then, this is now, tomorrow will be another then again.


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