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Airlines rush to get access to 737 Max Simulators

US airlines are struggling to secure flight simulators for the 737 Max after Boeing said extra training will be needed for pilots before the aircraft returns to service. There are only 34 simulators worldwide for the jet, creating a potential bottleneck as airlines vie to schedule training time for thousands of pilots and causing further delays to its return, even after aviation regulators lift the grounding. Boeing said for months that pilots would only need to train on a computer in order to… ( More...

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sr22pilot1 3
How do you simulate a problem that no longer exist?
- a concerned 737max driver
David Seider 1
It's PR.
Airline: "Not only does the problem no longer exist, but our pilots have been
certified on a simulator how to deal with a problem that no longer exists!"
In a related development, CAE says it’s ready to speed up production of simulators to help airlines get the training done.


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