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Allegiant Air turns a corner with its transition to Airbus jets

Reporting results from its first full quarter using an all-Airbus jet fleet, the company on Wednesday reported fuel costs down 6 percent (www.reviewjournal.com) More...

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SmokedChops 2
on a ship to ship basis (MD-82 to A320) there is a 11% reduction in capacity, add fuel burn reduction on top of that, I would think it would have been higher. Again based on a one for one replacement. But, good on them for updating the fleet. Recently (not long before the MD retirement)rode a few MD that were built during the Reagan administration, it was probably time to update. I personally found it reassuring to have a driver at the front with a few gray hairs, an a pair of Pratt's at the back with a few gray hairs - as long as they all pass muster, I'm good.
JJ Johnson 2
I found the limited amount of times that I have flown flew Allegiant to be on time and a very good experience into their Sanford Hub. I wish they flew into our local airport every day instead of two days a week.
Shenghao Han 0
What else were you expecting when you switch from antique MD-80 to Airbus A319s?


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