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Racially abusive man throws insults at black woman on Ryanair flight

Ryanair is once again making headlines after a white male was filmed throwing racial insults towards another black female seated near him. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 10
A tantrum should never be allowed. The passenger should have been taken off, investigated by the Spanish police, and asked to take surface transportation for a period of years.
Ric Wernicke 2
I see Ryan Air has reacted:

After 3 million people let them know racism is unacceptable, they will ban offenders in the future.
djames225 2
I read this in a BBC report "Ryanair told the BBC: "We operate strict guidelines for disruptive passengers and we will not tolerate unruly behaviour like this." If they don't tolerate it, why did they wait until getting back to Stansted and "referring it to Essex police"? Just trying to cover their own arse, which should also get a swift kick.
djames225 5
What a pile of garbage..he must think his #2 doesn't stink..should have had his fat arse booted off the plane and, as Ric said, "asked" to take surface transit for a number of years...say 50
Here we go again! There's always got to be someone who just has to inject politics into anything that happens. What I don't understand is where you get the idea that a Trump supporter would condone such appalling behavior. Seems to me that you've put your head where the sun doesn't shine, again!
I would have changed Seats with the Woman.. And DARED that A-Hole to INSULT ME! It is time to stop this CRAP, no matter WHO does it!
chalet 1
Horrible, terrible ugly man, and Ryanair is a lousy airline insofar as to how to deal with these racistst crazies.
RYANAIR has had a lot of bad publicity lately..this just adds to it..the video of the incident was shown on the nightly news,(someones cell phone video as ususal)and it was pretty clear the man by the window was being,nasty,rude and had a "me first" attitude by what he said to the lady..i am surprised the flight crew did not remove him from the flight fo his outright nastiness and attitude as well as causing the disturbance..
Yvon Dionne 1
I would of punched him in the throat complete asshole
siriusloon 1
Of course the airline and cabin crew did nothing. It's Ryanair, the same airline who's CEO very seriously wants to have aircraft with no seats so he can pack in more people in standing room only fashion. And to charge for the use of the washrooms. And to charge for water.
Marc Bechtol -1
How in the world can one man's behavior be blamed on the carrier? It is no more the airline's responsibility to screen for unapproved opinions than it is for the pilot to do so. I'm guessing this isn't the first time this man came face to face with a person of African descent, so it sounds like his issue wasn't with her blackness but with her as an individual. I wonder what happened between them at the gate, but it seems that it never occurred to the reporters to ask.
djames225 1
Where in the world are you reading that the carrier is being blamed for his behavior??..He was rude, arrogant and de-meaning, not just to this passenger although she took the unneeded brunt of it, but the entire aircraft. The carrier is being blamed for not stepping in and doing something by kicking his ass from the plane when he would not co=operate with the flight crew.
Marc Bechtol 0
The opening line of the article. "Ryanair is once again making headlines". If a rude passenger gets on my airplane am I making headlines? Are airlines expected to remove passengers for being rude to another passenger? If the man isn't a security threat, which he clearly was not, then I think the crew should separate the two and de-escalate the situation, which they did. Most of the yelling was a female passenger telling the man to shut up. Should she have been removed? I have no idea what started this, but I have a hard time believing it has anything to do with her race. He referenced her being an ugly cow multiple times and only mentioned that she was black once. It didn't sound racially motivated to me. My guess is that she was annoying him at the gate, they may or may not have had words there, and upon finding out that he had to share close quarters with her on the flight decided to tell her what he thought of her. The lack of racial epithets is telling to me.
djames225 1
Ryanair is making headlines again for being buttheads, again. Airlines are expected tro remove passengers that are being disruptive to the rest of the cabin, especially when asked to stop. Ask once and don't listen, fine. Ask twice and don't listen, get your carcass out of my cabin since you won't listen..plain and simple.
Ans most of the yelling wasn't from a female passenger, but you seem to want to defend the idiot. To me "“I will carry on as long as I can with this ugly, black bastard.” is a racially projected voice.
Marc Bechtol 1
Defending the airline, not the idiot.
Charles Jensen -3
My gawd, there are Trump Toadies everywhere....and they bring their disgusting behavior with them.
Larry Bassett 1
If you are insinuating that the racist rant by the (assumed) UK citizen, is in anyway similar to a Trump supporters mindset, you are a bigger ass than the man in the video. This isn't FaceBook, and I would suggest that you keep your opinions to yourself regarding American politics on this site. Have a nice day...


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