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Southwest Airlines plans flights to four Hawaiian Airports

Southwest Airlines’ long-awaited first flight to Hawaii is still months away, but on Thursday, the carrier offered an early glimpse at where it plans to fly in the Aloha State. The Dallas-based carrier said it plans to fly to the four biggest airports in Hawaii: Honolulu International Airport, Lihue Airport, Kona International Airport and Kahului Airport. Southwest hasn’t yet revealed which mainland cities its flights to Hawaii will depart from. It’s also considering but hasn’t announced final… ( More...

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Jamar Jackson 1
Will fly from LAX OAK and PHX or LAS if the planes can fly that extra 300 mile range from those inland hubs
jbermo 1
West coast to Hawaii is the longest over-water flight in the world in terms of "equal time point".
Rich Kaminski 2
ETOPS stands for “Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim.”
Stop putting up links to paywalls.
Rich Kaminski 1
This is not a Paywall. You can read the news article for free at absolutely no cost to you.



noun: paywall; plural noun: paywalls; noun: pay-wall; plural noun: pay-walls

(on a website) an arrangement whereby access is restricted to users who have paid to subscribe to the site.
Linda Allman 1
They should call it the Orient Express :)
Linda Allman 1
Sorry, meant that for the longest flight squawk and don't know how to delete here :(
Rich Kaminski -1
Passengers are encouraged to bring along any extra engines they might have.
jbqwik 2
This funny comment made me think about the problem for Southwest: The appearance that it is somehow responsible for the engine failure.
Rich Kaminski 1
You know every time a plane has a malfunction and it makes the news most people, not all but most people in general blame the airline regardless of what caused the failure. Most people outside of aviation do not have a clue who makes the engine in the plane they are flying and don't really care unless it causes an issue.. It is very easy to point a finger at a known entity and now a lawsuit has been filed against the airline not the engine manufacturer so far. Blame is a fickle mistress.
Rich Kaminski 0
Yes, it is primarily a pattern aircraft meaning that it stays in the traffic pattern. the numbers on speed and fuel consumption are fairly nice for a little two seat airplane. Below is the data from their site on the Alpha model. The price is what knock me to the floor at 84 thousand Dollars,
The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer is fitted with the ever reliable Rotax 912 80 hp engine. While some may question whether 80 hp is enough, those familiar with Pipistrel know that our designs maximize performance with the given power. The 80 hp engine powers the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer to a respectable, Cessna 172 cruise speed of 108 knots (200km/h) and will achieve very short take-off distance and climb rates of over 1000 fpm (5 m/s). Pipistrel believes that the Rotax 80 hp engine is the ideal choice for a training aircraft, it is smooth and reliable, it is frugal with the fuel and the 2000 hour/15 year TBO is achievable.
New wing design
The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer has a new wing design based on the already successful and proven Pipistrel Virus SW aircraft. With the redesigned wing the aircraft does not require airbrakes to land, further simplifying the cockpit controls for students. The new wings feature redesigned flaperons which now have +25° of flap travel enabling short field landings.
Rich Kaminski 0
woops wrong thread sorry folks!!
Larry Toler 2
Kind of thought you may be on the wrong thread. Interesting read though. Thanks.


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