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John Boehner to fly commercial as speaker

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Wednesday he intends to take commercial flights home when he moves up to speaker in the new Congress. ( More...

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That's a little relief!
Kevin Kuhn 0
Madam Pelosi using government transport was a complete non-issue that was blown up into something by the right anyway, so it's not surprising he's going to try to create this as anything otherwise.
Jason Lange 0
The issue wasnt about Pelosi flying with government money, i can see why someone would and should when they are 3rd in line to be president. The issue was when she got her 757, she said it wasnt big enough. Typical Democrat!!!
The problem was that Pelosi's staff berated the Air Force staff who plan the flights. Pelosi wanted to haul her family and staff back and forth from Washington to San Francisco, every weekend, without making a fuel stop. So the Gulfstream C-20 just wasn't good enough. They also made unreasonable demands for catering, etc. It's reasonable for the Speaker to fly on an Air Force jet from a security stand point. There are 12 daily non stop commercial flights between the Washington area and San Francisco/Oakland.
David Ross 0
"There are 12 daily non stop commercial flights between the Washington area and San Francisco/Oakland"
Now come on, you can't expect Her Majesty to fly with commoners?
Matt Comerford 0
ha, I'm sure that wont last long. They're all elitists, regardless of party affiliation.
butchwhitmon 0
Who cares how he chooses to fly. John Boener's presence as leader of the house can only hurt Amercians; particularly the Middle Class. Boehner's number one priority is what is best for the greedy, corporate entities he serves. For two years he has blocked every attempt to help alleviate our currecnt economic crisis; including proposals put forth by his own party. Last week's election furthers the decline of our great country.
desperado50 0
More right wing propaganda. Pelosi flew the 757, when it was available, because it could make the trip from DC to Cal non-stop, which the Sergeant at Arms preferred. It's amazing how it all started with Hastert, but since he was a republican, no whining occurred. When someone figures out that the necessary security can't be provided to the second in presidential succession on commercial airlines, he'll quietly make the switch back to government transportation. Besides, what it the security necessary for commercial transportation going to cost?
If she wants to represent the masses, then she should fly with the masses. A am continually amazed with the ability of Pelosi and her liberal cohorts to spend untold millions of taxpayer money. Pelosi got a reality check with the election results. Why stop there? Madam Pelosi, take the airlines.


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