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Obama Lets GM Execs Fly Private Jets Again

General Motors executives have been cleared for takeoff again. The automaker has been given the go-ahead by the federal government to use chartered aircraft as early as Thursday to ferry managers on a "road show" promoting G.M.'s public stock offering, according to government and company officials who declined to be identified. ( More...

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Jonathan Cain 0
obama needs to give up AF1...hes a waste of least GA corporate jets create more jobs than him riding around on the gas guzzler on our dime!
Thank you Osama bin President
allen laban 0
what a waste of big $$$ going to india......stay home half breed
My, my what clever fellows you are! William F. Buckley would be soooo proud. "When they can't attack you on the issues, they call you names." --- Christine O'Donnell
OK, I will attack on the President of the United States has the right to decide who is CEO of ANY corporation (that includes BP) or what he rides to work in. How's that, snarkey?
You just can't get past the name calling can you, Staph? QED Sleep well.


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