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Watch: Southwest Airline Passenger threatens to ‘kill everybody on this plane’

A woman was caught smoking on a flight from Portland to Sacramento on Saturday resulting in an in-flight freak-out and threats to “kill everyone on this plane” when she was escorted to law enforcement upon landing, Southwest Airlines confirmed. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 2
I see Greyhound bus trips in her future.
We used to have asylums full of these people. Aahhh the good ole days.
Kenneth Schmidt 4
We let people like this out in public? The lines between appropriate and inappropriate behavior have been blurred to such an extent that society is the mess that it is in. And society turns a blind eye to it. It scares me that such ticking time bombs are allowed to walk the streets and board our aircraft.
joel wiley 4
In a jailhouse interview with a local Sacramento TV station, she said she was smoking because she was 'anxious'.
stanbutler1971 1
amtrek might take her
Tony Silverstrå 1
In Sweden she would get permanent stay lifetime suport by wellfare


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