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The truth about the Airbus A380: Things you didn't know about world's first 'superjumbo'

When it flew to Australia on its world-first commercial flight – 10 years ago this October – the Airbus A380 was billed as "the largest, quietest, greenest, most fuel-efficient per passenger" aircraft that had ever flown. It was capable of taking more passengers than any commercial plane before it (though licensed to take 843, commercial airlines usually settle for between 370 and 500). It could take off with the largest payload (passengers and luggage) of 63 tonnes and fly a longer… ( More...

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Eric Schmaltz 5
Dirty cabin air causes nightmares? Huh, guess i learned something today. Maybe I should change the cabin filter on my car. Could be why I'm grumpy and irritable every time I drive to work.
Paul Smith 3
I think it may be the destination!
paul gilpin 3
waaaay off topic comment.

flightaware used to have a humorous section of photographs.
i can't find it any longer.
what i am looking for is the photograph of the flight deck of the a380, with the text, "still not as complicated as a woman" superimposed on the photo.
links appreciated.
now back to your regularly scheduled comments.
btweston 1
Yes. That is so funny that I am going to dig through the Internet to find it. Not.
paul gilpin 1
phishing for the phukstick commenter and you took the bait. phabulous.
"I felt more in control of a Boeing. It was more satisfying as a pilot, more hands-on. The A380 is more technologically advanced, far more spacious and quiet than the 747. I'd prefer to fly the 747-400, but I'd prefer to be working on the A380."
babyracer 6
Christ!! Has it really been 10 years? Already?! :/
dc3orbust 7
"Things you didn't know about...." Insulting titles assume we are all idiots.
RECOR10 -2
What do we expect from MSN? May as well get our news from the lunatics on Huffington Post.

[This comment was deleted.]

1BabyGirl 8
Mikhail Kulikov, Do everyone a big favor. Watch your dirty language here or do-not-post!
RECOR10 -6
Says the internet hero with a Russian name....
btweston 4
Don't be a xenophobic Internet hero. Makes you look silly.
joel wiley 0
Perhaps MSN would be more accurate with the headline reading "Things We didn't know".
Paul Smith 2
This may be blasphemy, but the Airbus 380 never stirred my emotions in any way. It is just an oversized people mover.
David Krall 1
Boeing was right that passenger preference would drive better economics for direct international flights, as well as more frequent international flights, on 777/787 rather than less frequent hub to hub flights on the 380.
David Krall 0
I agree. B747 is a sexy airplane, A380 reminds me of a beluga whale.
David Krall 1
This was supposed to be a reply to Paul Smith's comment above.
Paul Smith 1
The Airbus A300-600ST reminds me of a beluga!
David Krall 1
Even more so!
bentwing60 0
Never mind that they are routinely reducing production and have conceded that they will "never" recover the the original tax payer dollars. Tim Clark will determine the fate, not AB.
btweston 0
That's not how you use quotation marks.
saifus -3
I get a dig at my head. What is this??? All known facts with unknown titles. Most of us are familiar with the A380s. But msn assumes we don't know anything.
Paul Smith 1
I think it was meant for the unwashed masses.


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