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Plane hits deer while taking off from North Carolina airport

Plane hits deer while taking off from North Carolina airport ( More...

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djames225 10
Oh deer that's not good...
mike SUT 24
The deer heard Harrison Ford was on approach and figured the runway was safer than the taxiway I guess.
scott8733 3
Wow. Prior to opening I figured some 4 seater got tangled up with with it on a rural county airport runway- not at CLT for Pete's sake.
coinflyer 3
As usual, no mention whatsoever is made in the story about the fate of the deer, and whether it was saved for the captain who successfully hunted it with his rather large projectile, and is entitled to the deer sausage therefrom.
Larry Blaker 4
Captain fined for hunting without a permit and for hunting out of season. Elmer said it's duck season.
matt jensen 4
Roasted vension - yum
Gordon Casey 1
The headline, REALLY? Charlotte is among the busiest airports in the country and the writer of the headline can't simply say " from Charlotte"?
sparkie624 1
I saw a Beech 1900 hit a dear on landing... Took the nose gear right out from under the aircraft on landing. Glad everyone made it back ok instead of reading another major negative story in the airline industry today.
Roy Hunte 1
I believe you meant a 'deer' not a 'dear'
sparkie624 0
LOL... You are correct.. UGH...
mike SUT 0
Oh gear, what a tragedy
Larry Blaker 1
Captain was poaching in the king's forest. He deered to kill a king's dare. Dared to kill a king's deer. And this is an offence? One punishable by death.
coinflyer 1
Of the dear deer!
blueashflyer 0
leave it to the media to have photos from 2000ft away and act like they are covering the story
mags stumpp 0
Lots of jokes about this, but there have been fatalities associated with such collisions. Given the damage, it's fortunate that the crew was able to safely reject the takeoff. Generally fences are high enough to keep animals out, but someone needs to revisit how grounds are secured.
Andy Adams 3
The crew did not reject the takeoff as the collision happened at V1. They took off, did a fly by for the tower to help assess the damage, and then landed. The wing was leaking fuel from the damage while in flight.
Mike Petro 2
Thanks for posting the video! Those passengers got more than they bargained for when they bought their tickets. I'm happy it turned out well for everyone (except the deer of course).
mike SUT 1
I'm pretty sure that wasn't looks like CHEMTRAILS to me :-)
djames225 2
Ive seen deer scale 8 foot fences with ease..Ive even heard through reliable sources, they saw deer scale a 9 foot fence with barb wire on top...sorry but these are 1 of a few animals that need to be either spooked away from airports or lured away..ATC tower operators can visually check but deer can move fast.

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