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Another AT-6 Making a Comeback!

An AT-6 based in Huntington,Indiana is joining many others in giving a chance to experience war bird flight.You know you want to fly in one if you haven't yet! ( More...

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oowmmr 2
I had a gift certificate and flew one for little more than 1 hours, basic aerobatics included. Fly one and see how the classic AT6 trainer is very lithe.
Yvon Dionne 2
What a great aircraft. In Canada they where known as "Harvard's". One of my favorite aircraft to photograph in flight. Love the sound of the propeller's going supersonic. A good friend of mine gave his father a gift flight for his I believe his 80th birthday. Once airborne he took the controls as he did training near the end of WW2. He received his wings but the war ended prior to operational deployment and he was dis-charged before being trained on Spitfires. When he landed he was grinning from ear to ear and crying over friends that never made it back. Here's one link to Canada's role in training pilots.
I flew a Fleet (Fairchild) PT-26 Cornell last summer and WILL fly an AT-6 this year!
oowmmr 1
How are the control forces on the PT-26? I used to see one fly out of KRHV, years ago.
Great lift, great flaps, balanced and effective ailerons, amazing rudder feel, climbs like an angel! More agile than C-172. Slow compared to T-6 but you might not notice just kicking around. (If others have conflicting views, I'd love to here them!)


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