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BA 777 - Jet engine parts on Las Vegas runway indicate major failure

The National Transportation Safety Board said there was damage to the armored shell around the left engine's high-pressure compressor, and several 7- to 8-inch fragments of the compressor were found on the tarmac. No one was seriously injured when British Airways Flight 2276 screeched to a halt and the 157 passengers and 13 crew members escaped down evacuation slides as firefighters doused flames spewing from the engine beneath the wing of the Boeing 777. ( More...

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preacher1 1
This story says the pieces were found on the tarmac and not the runway. Me thinks NTSB said on the runway. There is a difference
Websters Definition of TARMAC

: a tarmacadam road, apron, or runway
preacher1 2
Well, Webster's can say what they want but the accepted definition does not include the runway
jbqwik 1
If someone was talking airplanes and mentioned "tarmac" I always assumed they were talking about the runway. Maybe it's a regional thing?
preacher1 2
Must be; I have always taken tarmac as ramp area. I haven't ever heard a runway classed as TARMAC until this post. Oh well, I guess I learned something today. LOL


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