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MH17, the Forgotten Catastrophe

Now in Ask the Pilot: Remains of the Day. As Debris From Flight 370 Washes Ashore, MH17 Becomes the Forgotten Catastrophe. Plus, what took so long for those pieces to be found? ( More...

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bbabis 3
It is not forgotten. We know what happened and have moved on. Just the taking of responsibility for sending a plane along a flightpath that all others were avoiding and being overzealous on the trigger of a missile have to be admitted to. Not knowing what happened has kept the focus on MH370 and brings every piece of new information to the forefront.
Dee Lowry 1
MH17 has not been forgotten. Who filed the Flight Plan in Hostile Airspace. Company dispatch, Pilots?? All flights avoided the space.

btweston 1
It hadn't occurred to me that MH17 was the seventh worst aviation disaster in history. That's a big deal, and even crazier when you think about its circumstances. Putin says the Russians didn't do it, but they just blocked an international investigation. Just, cuz? I guess?
Jim Quinn 1
To protect and secure russias and its ppls virginity
hhrhhr -2
"Russian's blocked an international investigation"? Really?? Аnd Obama said that, I suppose?
Russia is not even a member of the international criminal investigations, but Ukraine is, though it is - one of the suspects. Do not watch American TV, study the situation in greater detail before writing stupid things.
gma92 1
Russia vetoed a UN tribunal on the shooting down of flight MH17. Why?
hhrhhr -1
If you answer, how the veto prevents the investigation (which leads the Netherlands and in which Russia does not participate), I'll answer the "why".
koedem 1
Dear all, as a national of a country who lost people in this tragedy I am deeply offended by ANY nation opposing ANY investigation which might reveal the final truth and bring an end to the pain and suffering of the innocent families of those involved.
Shooting down airliners with innocent people in it is an offence, Russia is not the only nation who has done this.(remember the Iranian air flight 655).
preacher1 1
There was also KAL 007, in which the Russians shot down and only had blame placed on them, never actually admitting it, I don't think. On Iranian Air 655, and without checking I am assuming that is the Airbus that the US destroyer shot down, the U.S. did take responsibility for that and the destroyer Captain subsequently punished.
Don't forget Cubana in 1976, US backed terrorists that roam free in Miami. What a double standard!!!
hhrhhr 1
> Russia is not the only nation who has done this
Russian, or rather Soviet Union, last civilian aircraft shot down in 1983, it was a 747 intentionally violating the borders.
However, if you are a member of the Сommission of inquiry and expression of any opinion of the Commission, then recall is that the investigation is not completed, then you are not allowed to voice hint. Otherwise mask the hints of Russia's participation in this tragedy for your sorrow for the fate of the passengers and their relatives at least ugly.
jmilleratp 1
Probably because we're used to the Soviet Union, er, Russia, shooting down airliners.


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