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Seeing this kid fly in a stunt plane with her dad is true joy

It’s good to be young. It’s good to be young when life is simple and fear isn’t something you’ve learned yet and fun can be expressed in its most joyful form. It’s good to be young and have a dad who can take you on a stunt plane ride of your life and bend the world. I mean, look at 4-year-old Lea, she’s having the time of her life in the plane. ( More...

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Chris Goode 4
I am pretty sure that little girl will remember that flight for the rest of her life. She has a Dad that loves her and wants to share his joy with her. She has no idea yet how lucky she is. As far as the risk comment...please just stop.
BaronG58 2
This kid just made my day!!
Bill Bailey 2
My Dad did a slow roll with me in a Grumman Widgeon when I was 4 and I've never forgotten it.
When he asked how I liked it I said "Do it again".
As for the current state of SOME parenting I have my own opinions and I'll keep them to myself.
Laughter is catchy. I can't get the grin off my face.
sparkie624 1
LOL, If I was in a plane with that Kid, I certainly would not want her to have an active Mic :}

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30west 8
No, she is not old enough to understand the risks in her life. That is the role of her parents.

I am not referring to this flying, since I don't see out of the ordinary risk in it, but too many parents in today's society are not living up to there parental responsibilities in many areas of their children's lives.

Fire away!
BaronG58 1
You're on the mark 30west about parenting in today's society ( not all parents.but far too many)..My wife and I having raised 2 3/4 adults 41..36..16 yrs old.. have witnessed the change. Having one in high school keeps us current and hardly a day goes by our youngest doesn't share what's going on with some of these kids...Blows my mind.
joel wiley 7
Nor was she old enough to voluntarily assume the risk of riding in the car to get to the airfield. Which activity has greater risk of injury?
Thomas Krashen -5
Some very quick, and unverified, research indicates that flying in GA aircraft is probably less safe that driving or flying on the airlines. My sources are statistics from the FAA Nall Report, the NTSB, and the NTHSA.

•Driving: 1.32 fatal accidents and 1.47 fatalities per 100 million miles
•Dirlines: .05 fatal accidents and 1.57 fatalities per 100 million miles
•GA: 7.46 fatal accidents and 13.1 fatalities per 100 million miles

This, however, is beside my point. All human endeavors, obviously, involve some risk. In aviation we try to mitigate that risk by evaluating risk vs. benefit. In our society, it would be difficult for a four-year-old to not ride in a car, hence the benefit. Conversely, what is the benefit for her doing aerobatics? Reasonable people can obviously disagree (to a degree) on what constitutes "acceptable risk." An adult can make that decision for him or herself; however, when we as pilots make that decision for a child we must adhere to a much higher standard. Would skydiving, wing-walking, or bungee jumping be an acceptable risk for a parent to assume for their child?

My point here is not to be judgmental (as I said, reasonable people can disagree), but to start a dialog that might make improve GA safety.
joel wiley 3
Yes, I think it is appropriate for the parent assume the risk for her.

GA safety improvement is important. Foci on mechanical safety, pilot training, and maintaining awareness would be good. Aviation is significantly more complex than driving so linear statistical comparisons are of less than optimal value. An old statistic from the Calif CHP regarding accidents on LA freeways was 1 accident (not necessarily fatal) per million miles driven, which gave an average of 84 accidents daily (.8/100 mil mi). When I was the pax's age, seatbelts were found in high performance race cars and aircraft. Airbags were only found around election time and went to the various legislatures. Kids also played outside, usually unsupervised, and learned how to explore their worlds and generally bolstered their immune system by becoming intimately close to local dirt. Today children are far too often under the umbrella of helicopter parents with scarcely enough unscheduled time to breathe. IMO the pilot was giving the child a valuable experience of aviation at an impressionable age. An experience which I feel is worth the negligible risk.
Joel, thank you for this considered, and respectful, response. You make very good points. This kind of discourse can only be healthy for aviation.
BaronG58 3
This is off topic but do you ever get any blow-back about your last name? Don't know if you fly heavy metal but it could be unsettling If the welcome aboard message started with "Welcome..This is Captain Krashen." 8-)
Depends how you put the stats. 32,719 vehicle deaths, 387 GA Aviation deaths and 3 aerobatic display performance deaths.

As long as the aircraft was fully properly maintained, a full walk around/inspection was done prior to flight and the flight undertaken as per regulations the risk is minimal.

C Anderson 4
This video was purely outstanding. Krashen, you're dismissed.


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