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Want a Million Air Miles? Try to Hack United Airlines

United Airlines is offering up to a million air miles to hackers who can find security bugs in its network. The move comes amid increasing cybersecurity threats to businesses, with the cost of data breaches likely to hit On its website, United Airlines lists the types of threats that are eligible for submission into its so-called "bug bounty program". These include finding bugs on customer facing websites, flaws in the United app, and attacks that compromise the private credentials of… ( More...

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kev wu 2
Reminds me of Facebook hacking rewarding policies
Aaron Cannata 1
I wonder if this is the reason why United is going to reward hackers.
If this guy did take control of a commercial airliner in flight he should be charged with hijacking or air-piracy.
matt jensen 1
Yep - this guy took control briefly
Daniel Baker 1 his simulator.
joel wiley 1
And a legend in his own mind
preacher1 1
What my stupid question is seems to be their restriction on W1-Fi and assorted stuff, If that is a way in, it's a way in and that is what this is all about. Ain't nobody doing a malicious hack going to worry about that little detail.
NickFlightX 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

United Airlines Will Reward Hackers With Up To A Million Frequent Flyer Miles

You don't have to be a frequent flier to become a million-miler these days, at least on United Airlines.

The aviation giant announced a new "bug bounty program" that will reward hackers who find vulnerabilities in its system. Depending on the severity, tech-savvy bounty hunters will be rewarded with 50,000, 250,000 or 1 million MileagePlus reward miles.


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