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RCAF Snowbirds Tank Cam

RCAF Snowbirds install a 4K HD camera on Snowbird 1 and the results are unreal! ( More...

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25 years ago, I was lucky to be at the right spot in my "Dakota" so that I could take a photo of the Snowbirds-flightpass over the Niagara Falls:
Of coarse, this new camara position is fantastic.
djames225 2
I get goosebumps everytime I see the lads in flight...and that cam will just add to it
cyberjet 2
Beautiful video, especially when you consider they are flying airplanes that were never designed to do that. No other military team flies a basic trainer that has the same G load capabilities as a Cessna 150.
Colin Laraway 2
As a proud father of a long serving RCAF member, this video brings a lump to my throat and a tear to me eye. Wonderful.
Jo Hammond 1
That's my rush for today! But no G forces!
very cool....I'd love to see a knife edge pass from the perspective of this camera.....hopefully soon.
fixedcard 1
Wow, that was cool! Brought back a lot of memories from 40+ years ago.
I've always heard talk of replacing the Tutors but with what? Hawks or Aero L-159's?
djames225 1
I hope they dont replace them anytime soon even thou they should...the Tudor is a classic
wow thats beautiful!


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