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Spirit Airlines installs pre-reclined seats

Spirit Airlines, the low-cost carrier that soon will charge passengers for stowing carry-on bags in overhead bins, is now installing seats that can't move backward or forward on some of its aircraft. ( More...

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Daniel Baker 0
The article says that their planes have 178 seats and the norm for that aircraft is 150...but don't most carriers operate the A320 in a two class configuration?
Joel Rodriguez 0
I've been on JetBlue's A320 and they average about 150 seats. They have 2 seating area (all economy though). The first 14 rows offer 4" more seating pitch and leg room.

I usually sit in the very last row against the bulkhead. No reclining seats and average leg room, and this is my favorite area. I support the non-reclining seats. =)
Michael Evans 0
I find it really irritating to have the seat in front reclined into my face. If it is fully reclined, I am forced to recline my seat to get any space and dislike causing discomfort to the person behind. I would prefer seats that don't recline.
Great idea. If the airline wants to try selling recliner seats for a couple of dollars, go for it.
I'll be it won't be worth the effort. I would pay extra NOT to have some bozo reclining in my face.
They could probably make the seats more comfortable too after losing the extra expense of the recliner parts.
John Moffatt 0
For flights up to 4 hrs why do people need to recline(read sleep)? Well maybe slightly for comfort. On the other hand why are people who fly so ignorant to not realize what happens when they recline their seat? I agree with AABABY to a degree that for short hauls a slightly reclined fixed seat wouild be totally acceptable. Fortunately I try to fly WESTJET 737/800 with the newest seat pitch because it totally comfortable even if the idiot in front slams his seat back!!
To John )skystore1) I had thought about the short haul aspect but forgot to include that in my comment.
As for reclining-- People drive their cars like that. Seat reclined. Sudden stop and it's submarine trip to under the dashboard. On an aircraft it's just plain annoying. Usually, the long haulers have much more space between seats so it isn't that much of a problem.
I still think Spirit should try to market the recliners. Maybe they could reduce/ eliminate the carry-on bag charges??


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