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Fake pilot arrested moments before take-off

A pilot has been arrested at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport for flying passenger planes for 13 years with a false licence. The 41-year-old Swede said he has been flying for 13 years on a false licence and had spent at least 10,000 hours flying hours in the cockpit. He had worked for airlines in Belgium, Great Britain and Italy. ( More...

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I wouldn't call him a "fake pilot", as he can clearly operate a complex aircraft. If only he had followed procedures and been licensed legally. Such a shame. :\
Roy Ryland 0
Fired and jailed??? Don't do that... Test him, qualify him and get him back into the cockpit!! He obviously knows what he's doing...
209flyboy 0
Someone in the company responsible for verifying the validity of a pilot with the FAA or other authorities prior to hire was asleep at the wheel. Papers can be forged but a quick check of the licencinig agency must be made by someone. I have been a pilot for years and I have been 'verified' by the FAA long before I was hired.
However, I am amazed that this 'qualified' pilot did not attempt to do things the correct way. If he lied in the past he is not to be trusted as an individual I'd like to have as my first officer or captain.
C'mon folks, you know you can't justify his actions no matter what you think.


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