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Relive epic 2009 Lake Hood plane crash in Anchorage, Alaska (+VIDEO)

While researching a recent plane crash involving a de Havilland Beaver, we happened upon a video of an epic plane crash that occurred back in 2009 on Lake Hood in Anchorage. ( More...

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Toby Sharp 2
Oh dont't worry Bitchin Betty (Boyd Butler) is already on it.....
preacher1 3
Where you been anyway? Ain't seen you on here in a month or so.
Toby Sharp 2
Ive switched into listen mode instead of listen to me mode! Blue Side up Wayne!
preacher1 2
preacher1 2
Holy Crap is kind of an understatement. I imagine the pilot had more than that to
Joseph Howes 1
christ that was close, pilot musta been bloody scared after that, what the hell was the cameraman doing
preacher1 1
I'd have been
that was an amazing video, a tad bit spooky if you ask me...I mean it came ever so close to the person shooting the video, for one, and for two, it was amazing that there were 'no injuries' to any of the occupants on board. I must protest though. WHY DID YOU CONDUCT AN INTERVIEW WITH FOX NEWS? :( That station is THE WORST station on TV. If you had done an interview with MSNBC, CNN, or even CBS, I would've been happy! :D LOL, just kidding (sort of). I DO HATE Fox News though. Again, I'm so happy no one got hurt. I'm guessing the videographer had to change his pants after that low take off though.
vincentvan 1
Funny, I've never seen a single vidio on the tube. Is it just me?
joel wiley 1
or your settings. Can you run anything on You can try another browser.
linbb -3
Lots of old vidios on the tube find something new.


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