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(Video) Japan Airlines B787 First Flight to Boston

In this video, Japan Airlines successfully made its inaugural flight to Boston in the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner! It will fly 4 times a week to Boston up until June when it increases its schedule to 7 days a week. ( More...

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indy2001 1
The plane has beautiful proportions, and I like the simple JAL livery that draws attention to the aircraft itself. But I wonder how much wider engine nacelles can become. In the head-on shot, each engine looks to be 1/2 the diameter of the fuselage itself!
alistairm 1
GE 90/115b has a fan diameter of 128 inches. Engines for 787: Trent 1000 has fan diameter of 112 and the GE GEnx has a fan diameter of 111 inches. Yes, they can get bigger!
timstravel 1
Yes, pretty soon they'll get so big they'll have to put them back on the tail where they belong!
I realize the Captain would be a seasoned veteran for JAL but how is the 1st Officer selected? Most senior 1st Officer if there is such a catagory?
I failed to mention my inquiry was about the inaugural flight to Boston.


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