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Google Chrome doesn't like METARs

Well, I agree it's not English. ( More...

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Aaron Barthol 4
Glad I am not the only pilot who enjoys a little Minecraft!
conmanflyer 2
Robert Larson 2
sharp eye. ftw!
Brian Bishop 4
Wonder what it would look like if it was translated from "Portuguese" to "English" !?
Wendell Smith 1
I was thinking that very same thing.
Gene Nowak -3
Why don't the both of you get realistic. If you need translation for your idle minds, try BING.
Wendell Smith 3
Why don't you just kiss my a@$.
Brian Bishop 6
Gene is just sarcasticallychallenged.
BING is the best. I try to stay clear of anything Google related(Except YouTube which isn't a Google product). BING and Firefox are a great combination.

The thing with guys like Brian and Wendell is that they use Google search and Google Chrome not for functionality, but just the fact that everyone else uses them. If everyone would give BING and Firefox a try, they would probably never use Google Chrome or IE again, as they are junk.
Rancho206 1
Todd, Chrome is MUCH faster than IE or Firefox on HTC TP2 "smart" phone--using that word loosely. So...I sat down and learned how to use Chrome to keep from going bonkers. (I'd get an Android phone, but that's an entirely 'nother story. Some other time perhsps).
Allen Stevens 2
I agree, in this age of fast transmission of data, let's forget all the abbreviations and use plain english.
keith peers 2
jmilleratp 2
Chrome's fine with the METAR's. It just thinks they're for airports in Portugal!
Gene spanos 2
Yes - we are all blessed with the married and single jet jockeys.
There are old pilots, there are bold pilots....but not too many left of the old and bold !
Rancho206 1
Chrome on my HTC TP2 works fine for METARS. Maybe "Portugal" is platform dependent.
ALSO...METAR encoding is great. Things line up...can see spatial weather trends
very quickly. Get with the program! (FAA won't change the basic format soon).

HOWEVER...I'd like to see ASOS/AWOS reports update on-line in a more timely manner.
Seeing 30-50 minute old reports sucks (even after paying an arm and a leg
for XM weather in the cockpit!!!).

Weather changes too fast for 30-50 minute AWOS delays to be safe!

keith peers 1
thats true.
Jerry Lentz 1
I am a military communicator from the 1960s era. I clearly remember tuning this stuff in on an unencrypted 60 words per minute radioteletype signal. 60 wpm was incredibly slow for the amount of information to be passed and the Metar shorthand was essential. In those days, I was required to be able to copy Morse code at a minimum of 22 wpm in order to graduate from basic radioman school. But HEY! This is the 21st century. The military doesn't even include Morse code in communications training anymore. Metar shorthand is almost as ancient as Morse code and needs some serious updating in the modern communications world.
USAFcptnShades 1
Lol! Nice post. As an Ohio based pilot I recognize many of those airports ;)
kwong wai 1
yes. i like it
Wingscrubber 0
I always click 'translated' on the TAF/METAR request form. I refused to learn how to read that gibberish - call me lazy. :)
klimchuk 0
Very simple: all people in Portugal speak METAR
phumflyer 0
hahaha...nice bookmarks (xkcd, reddit)
sounddoc 1
yeah, the second half of those bookmarks are identical to mine!
Sounds like you need to switch to Firefox. Google Chrome is basically a watered down version of Firefox anyhow. That's what Google is famous for, being a copycat company, but not very good at it. Plus Firefox has lots of aviation related addons you might like to try, and I promise you'll get addicted.


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