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U.S. Air Force Will Retire 286 Aircraft Over the Next Five Years

Air Force officials announced proposed force structure changes which support the new DoD strategic guidance retiring 286 aircraft over the next five years, including 227 in fiscal year 2013. According to Secretary of the Air Force, Michael Donley, the Air Force is shaping itself for future challenges by realigning Air Force assets with the Defense ( More...

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sparkie624 1
I have to see this, and I know they are not adding that many...
Steve Jasper 1
Maybe I could pick-up a WartHog cheap. Use it as a crop duster or go barn storming. Ah, the good ole days!
Tim Smith 1
That would be incredible!
John Casebeer 1
I hope (?doubt) they know what they are doing.
Steve Jasper 1
Who? I hope you mean the people we elected to make those decisions. Who's inherently responsible for the protection of these United States and their interest here an abroad? The U.S. Air Force and it's sister services swear to protect it against enemies foriegn and domestic by obeying the orders of those appointed above and we'll fight with our lives if neccessary. What are they willing to sacrifice? We'll see...


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