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Stuck at the airport -- for 80 days

This summer, one person will get paid to live out what would be most travelers’ worst nightmare: 80 days – and nights – stuck at the airport. ( More...

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Ronnie Mc 0
I would do it!
QuickBurn 0
Tom Hanks has already done it! lol
Ric Wernicke 0
Prior to the TSA a kid named Juan lived at LAX. Friendly nice fellow, ate by returning luggage carts for the $.25 refund. A dispenser gave a quarter when you put a cart back in the rack. He made about $100 a day doing this. This was the daily limit low level airport workers placed on him. What he did sleep in the terminal, eat at employee prices, and send $80. a day to his family in Mexico. Smart Carte discontinued the refund and offered Jaun
a job (he turned 18) collecting the carts. He declined because they only paid $40 a day, and deducted taxes from the check. When the quarters dissappeared, so did Juan.
vincentvan 0
@Ric.. nice story..I hope Juan is doing well!
"They’ll get an honorarium of about $15,000, a daily stipend for meals and necessities, video and editing equipment and a room at the onsite Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel, which overlooks the airfield and has a fitness club and spa and its own honey-producing bees. Sea Island is home to a small town and there are beaches, parks, and bike paths to explore as well."

All of this just to make a fool of yourself to the world.... I am sure there will be a long parade of the truly awesome dysfunctional....
Pilot78 0
I would so do it...


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