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United Airlines Bringing 1,300 New Jobs to Chicago

According to a press release from the City of Chicago Office of the Mayor government website, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced airline giant United Airlines will bring 1,300 new jobs to the Windy City. ( More...

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Wendell Smith 0
Thank you hard feelings.
Daniel Baker 0
Saw this article over the weekend in the Houston Chronicle: [ 1,500 United jobs will be departing Houston]
1500 leaving, 1300 arriving...the other 200 going to DEN or outsourced?
Chip Hermes 0
Um, yeah, outsourced...
Lol, outsourced or axed chip?
Chip Hermes 0
Part of the efficiency of the merger is the ability to consolidate positions and reduce the total number of employees.
preacher1 0
Nobody has ever spoke about what happened behind the scenes, but with Continental as the dominant player in all this, how did the corporate office wind up in Chicago. Nothing public ever came out that Houston ever made a play or overture to make sure they stayed. Did I miss something in all this?
Nell Lukosavich 0
My vote is to oust Smisek and bring back Bethune.
Hahahah. Gordons been "busy" from what I've heard to come back as a key player. Smisek, IMO, has been doing a great job so far as an exec for some time now
Ben Deneweth 0
Part of the deal that United insisted on was that the airline be based in Chicago.


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