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Boeing Reported Another Big Loss. 737 MAX Concerns Are Hitting the Stock.

Boeing’s quarterly earnings were messy, again. And on the company’s earnings conference call, more bad news related to the 737 MAX caused the stock to .. ( More...

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Chris B 6
Boeing's debt has grown massively in the last three years. Much of it secured by aircraft, built but not delivered. As the backlog of 737 Max and 787s is delivered, the debt picture will improve.

Boeing's financial picture will likely look really good in 24 months with backlog delivered, and production lines for Max, 787, 777 rolling out the aircraft straight into customer hands.
linbb -3
Just another stupid post by MH the troll needs to find another place to rant gets old the quality of posts have gone to pot. Several think this is there place to post crap.


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