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Weather, tarmac rule irk airlines

This winter, airlines struggled with Mother Nature's unpredictable storms and a new U.S. Department of Transportation rule that deters carriers from keeping occupied planes on the tarmac for more than three hours with the threat of multimillion-dollar fines. ( More...

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TTail 0
so the thing to do is NOT let it leave the gate in the first place. which is what has been happening all winter long. they sure in the hell cannot afford to pay the government all of those bullshit fines. so what is better for the flying public, not leaving the gate at all when the conditions are bad?? or sitting in a metal tube away from the terminal for HOURS!!! are you kidding me, i would rather NOT leave the damn terminal, than be stuck out on the ramp somewhere, with NOWHERE TO GO.
Dan Yockey 0
Thats not always an option. At some airports, you could have to wait up to an hour just to deice, and another hour simply waiting in line for takeoff. There are also EDCT times that the aircraft need to comply with or they'll miss their departure window.
TTail 0
i am not a pilot, and do not understand all of the ins and outs of flying. but i would rather be stuck in the terminal, w/no chance of going somewhere, and not out on a taxiway w/any possibility of not taking off.


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