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Boy, 14, charged with pointing lasers at aircraft

A 14-year-old boy has been charged with pointing a green laser at a jetliner headed to Los Angeles International Airport and at a police helicopter. ( More...

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npog99 0
Where were his parents??? THEY shoul be the ones receiving the charge along with the minor!
Chris M. 0
14 year old should know better but sadly they don't. He'll serve his time!
TTail 0
I Hope they prosecute them ALL, despite any underage considerations. people need to realize that it is dangersous thing to be doing, and if they were to cause a plane to crash, that the consequences would be HUGE. Even if they catch a 6 year old doing it, they need to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
Ronnie Mc 0
Good! He Deserves it!
Stephen W. 0
I am 14 and I know better. Heck I want to be a pilot and hopfully a air trafic controler so I think he needs to sit in a jail cell and think about what could have happend.
nnickn 0
They had better send him to jail. Or better yet make him stare down the laser he was pointing for one hour and see how well he sees after.


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