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Danish Passenger Flies airBaltic 22 Times In 5 Days Just To Gain Status

It is not unusual for people to take a flight or two to keep their status when a collection year is expiring. However, a Danish man took it to the extreme, flying 22 airBaltic flights in five days to gain VIP status with the airline. ( More...

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Kobe Hunte 5
I bet he ended up paying a lot more in the 22 flights than VIP status is actually worth.
Joan Williams 4
Silly, who would do that to gain VIP status? Then you would still have to pay wherever you go.
dee9bee 4
airBaltic found a sucker. So now, he is a 'frequent flyer'. Now, what does he have to do to maintain that status?
Roger Anderson 3
Andy Bowland 3
Don Quixote 2
My honest opinion is, who the hell cares? And why is this a story. I mean, jeez. What a loser to pay for all that just to gain status.


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