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Qantas flight turns back after tire explodes midair

(CNN) — A Qantas Airways flight in Australia was forced to turn back after a tire on the plane exploded midair shortly after takeoff. The plane was heading from Brisbane to the eastern city of Mackay on Sunday when a nitrogen-filled tire exploded, damaging part of the wing, according to CNN affiliate Seven News. The jet was forced to burn fuel and circle above Queensland's eastern Sunshine Coast for an hour and a half before touching down back in Brisbane. All 76 passengers on board were… ( More...

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Richard Orgill 5
Interesting article....not one mention of the type of A/C. Thanks for supporting my theory.
Torsten Hoff 1
I did some more research into this and found that this was flight QF2512 serviced by a de Havilland Dash 8-400.

Since the gear retracts into the engine nacelle, a bursting tire had the potential to damage the wing as well as the engine. I don’t know if the gear was already retracted when the tire burst.
airuphere 1
They show a 747.. yet speak of 76 passengers so..
Torsten Hoff 3
At least they didn't call it a Cessna...
Mike Mohle 1
Piper Cub or Learjet. LOL
racerxx 1
Dash 8 jumbo
mike SUT 4
A380 in the photo..not -8
mary susan watkins 2
so many of the posts have to do with maintenance issues on aircraft,from exploding tires to torn apart engine cowlings..flying,however,has still proven to be the safest form of transportation..
Christian Parada 2
It might have been a de Havilland Dash 8.


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