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LIAT will continue to fly despite challenges - CEO

LIAT (LI, Antigua) will continue operating across the region despite the challenges it is facing, the cash-strapped Caribbean carrier's chief executive Julie Reifer-Jones said in a statement posted on its website on September 20. She criticised media reports circulating about the airline being on the verge of collapse and stressed that LIAT was in the midst of a restructuring exercise that included "sensitive discussions" with shareholders. The airline continues to face challenges… ( More...

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Roger Anderson 3
Pshhhh LIAT will never close. I flew with them 3 times in May when they said they were down to 5 days of cash, and well beyond those 5 days, they were still in the air, with on time service. Their service is essential towards the Caribbean, but the entire project needs to be revisited. They can't just throw cash at the airline and hope for the best. I think one of the biggest killers is that taxes to travel within the Caribbean on the whole is too much. My base tickets on some legs cost only 1/3 with the other remaining share going in taxes. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me


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