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Condor reassures the public it is profitable and will continue to fly

Condor Flugdienst issued this additional statement: Condor flights will continue its flight operations despite the fact that its parent company Thomas Cook Group plc has filed for insolvency. Thomas Cook Group plc, the previous parent company, had to file for insolvency on 23 September 2019. Despite intensive efforts, the Group was unable to obtain refinancing from Fosun, banks and creditors. Condor continues to operate as a German company. In order to prevent liquidity constraints Condor has… ( More...

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Patricia Farrar 1
We have been flying Condor from Phoenix to Frankfurt in business class for the last two years. Wonderful service and the food is very good. Just wish they had the funds to upgrade from the 767 as it is not very comfortable.
airuphere -8
The German gov is considering a bailout? Uhoh watchout Angela.. Donald may not like it..
rapidwolve 4
It's a bridging loan so the "vultures" after Cook's assets can't touch Condor. I hope RBS, and those fund managers, are happy with themselves, the snobbish bunch of greedy wankers. Karma will be a miserable B 1 day!


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