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Student Pilot lands plane after instructor falls unconscious

The student pilot was talked down by ATC after the instructor suffered a seizure and fell unconscious. No damage to the plane, and the instructor was taken to hospital in serious condition. ( More...

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Brian Ewart 4
An example of great teamwork between an able student pilot and a great tower team at Jandakot producing an excellent outcome, the student later commented that he "hoped he would go on to qualify for his pilots licence"
Brad Littlejohn 3
Part 1 audio here, courtesy of LiveATC and VASAviation:

Part 2 with video coming soon.
Chuck McCrossan 2
Here is part 2...
Tony Silverstrå 2
Great job student and hope the best to the instructor
Geoff Davies 1
he deserves his license now if he done that the other day.saved both they lives
Tony Silverstrå 1
Why did he spoke about the money for the lession, hope it was a joke
John Richards -1
He said he hadn't done anything like this before, yet is RT was very 'polished', the on board video was a coincidence?


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