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Ukrainian court issues arrest warrant for five Russian Ruslan aircraft

Kyiv court issued an arrest warrant for five An-124-100 Ruslan transport aircraft that belong to Russian Volga-Dnepr airline, reports the press service of the Ukrainian law firm Ilyashev & Partners. It is specified that the aircraft were arrested at the request of the Ukrainian Antonov Concern, which claims that the airworthiness of the aircraft was renewed with a violation. According to the lawyers, the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency illegally certified the German company AMTES for… ( More...

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Note that this airline is critical to Boeing operations;

"Volga-Dnepr Airlines LLC (Volga-Dnepr Airlines or "Volga-Dnepr") respectfully requests an emergency exemption from ... [cabotage laws], so as to permit Volga-Dnepr to operate up to three (3) one-way cargo charter flights, utilizing Volga-Dneprs AN-124-100 aircraft to transport cargo from Columbus, Ohio to Everett, Washington or Seattle, Washington on or around October 15 October 31, 2018, on behalf of GE Aviation.
The outsized cargo to be transported on these flights consists of various types of GE aircraft engines, including GE90, GEnx (including GEnx-B and GEnx-2B), CF6, CFM56, and Leap engines. Each of the three flights will transport at least one GE90 or GEnx engine.
As described, the payload is outsized and cannot be accommodated by domestic commercial carrier aircraft."
Ukraine arresting Russian assets is as fishy as US banning Huawei...
rapidwolve 2
Antonov own the supply rights to the aircraft..if another company illegally obtained maintenance on it, Antonov can "arrest" its flight operations. Remember that Volga-Dnepr no longer flies any oversized cargo for NATO or US Forces, and now those 5 craft mentioned are stuck with Russian borders.


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