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Emirates Considering Switching Some A380 Orders to the A350

Emirates is exploring switching some orders for the world’s largest jetliner, the Airbus A380, to the smaller A350 in a move raising new doubts over the future of Europe’s iconic superjumbo. ( More...

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william baker 1
YAWN. I heard this a week ago let it go already. Emirates knows the A380 is dieing and is slowly pulling the plane off life support. Heck I don’t know who else wants them. Even the aftermarket planes are being scrapped. Let it go already. You gave it your best now let it die.
Cansojr 1
Airbus executives have to open the books on their spending versus income for the 380 is waning. Orders are being cancelled in favour of the Airbus 350. No matter how much oil you are sitting on cannot meet the challenges of the Emir's Airlines.
There is not enough demand for the 380. Qantas just cancelled a deal for 8 380's.
Emirates is seriously looking at the 350. The 380 business plan did not work out. The critics were right about this coming catastrophe.
bentwing60 1
As was I. look up some of my long ago posts and recognize that my comments about AB never recovering their development costs were dead on and and the impending 7X and 350 will neuter its market. Boeing passed on a super jumbo and the passing of the 747 proves that ETOPS has won the day. The crusty old golfer, Lee Trevino, once said, It ain't braggin if you can do it!
Roy Hunte 1
The A350 is a better aircraft, better fuel efficiency, will fit standard airports.


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