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Boeing Cancels Short Range 787 Variant

Boeing will drop plans for a short-haul version of the 787 Dreamliner and will raise aircraft prices by about 5.2 per cent, the first increase in two years. Higher costs for wages, goods and services are driving the boost, said Jim Proulx, a spokesman at Boeing's commercial headquarters in Seattle. He confirmed the changes made to the price list on Chicago-based Boeing's website today as well as the withdrawal of the 787-3 variant. ( More...

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Toby Sharp 0
how far exactly do they mean when they say short-haul? coast to coast?
Mark Duell 0
Yea, about 3000 miles.
So, The 767 lives on? Or a newer bigger 737?
Mark Duell 0
The airlines with that sort of need will probably continue to "abuse" longer range airliners (with or without paper MTOW derating).
They might want to get some in service before they start raising prices.


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