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Bird smashes into American Airlines flight, gets embedded in nose of plane

An airplane experiencing a bird strike isn’t an entirely uncommon phenomenon — but it’s much less common that the bird itself continues on for the rest of the trip. ( More...

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matt jensen 2
Cormorants don't usually fly in the path of landing jets at KMIA.
Randall Kimm 1
With all due respect for "Miracle on the Hudson" was bad at least no birds went through the windscreen. Several years ago an F-4 was practicing TACAN approaches when a 25 pound goose went through the canopy. The pilot was critically injured and his GIB was partially blinded and also suffering from a dislocated shoulder. Anoher F-4 crew took off to help their buddies. The second crew flew the approach where the pilot used the visual aid to help "shepard" the injured GIB successfully recover safely. Unfortunately the pilot was severely vision impaired...he would never fly again. Most important of all this man could still be a father to his children. The other pilot remained in the AIR FORCE.
AWAAlum 1
Although I think it's sad birds meet this sort of fate, some of the comments are priceless:
I cry fowl. Plane 1 Bird 0, and many others.


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