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Qantas eyes Boeing 737 MAX and mid-market 'Boeing 797' for domestic fleet

Qantas is set to embark on a dramatic revamp of its domestic fleet, with the advanced Boeing 737 MAX and the yet-to-be-built Boeing 797 both in the frame to replace its current Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A330 jets. ( More...

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sueridge307 1
Qantas already have the b787's in the fleet but they have being given to JETSTAR. Qantas have copied the Kiwi's buying the b789's. Air new zealand proved in Feburary this year how fuel efficent this aircraft is by flying it from EGLL to Rockhampton lightly loaded of passengers. Yet the typical Aussie TV networks did not want to show coverage. Allan Joyce has concern's of this flight being fully loaded will it make it or not. Boeing says No it needs to refuel but says yes it can make it lightly loaded?
Roy Hunte 1
I thought Qantas had the 737Max8 on order already....


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