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Incident: Transavia B737 near Amsterdam on Sep 26th 2017, mach trim system failed

A Transavia Boeing 737-800, registration PH-HSG performing flight HV-6727 from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Sevilla,SP (Spain), was climbing out of Amsterdam already in Belgian airspace when the crew stopped the climb at FL280 due to a technical problem and decided to return to Amsterdam ( More...

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joel wiley 3
Incident: Seoul A321 near Okinawa on Sep 25th 2017, engine shut down in flight

An Air Seoul Airbus A321-200, registration HL8281 performing flight RS-101 from Guam (Guam) to Seoul (South Korea) with 104 people on board, was enroute at FL340 about 360nm east of Okinawa (Japan) when the crew needed to shut the right hand engine (V2533) down. The aircraft drifted down to FL180 and diverted to Okinawa for a safe landing on runway 36 about 90 minutes later.
linbb 0
Glad that Joel posted more news about your love of aircraft Air bust.


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