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Airbus to test New Laminar Wing on the A340

According to a report from Flightglobal, Airbus will soon start flight testing an A340 that has been fitted with experimental laminar-flow wing sections. ( More...

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Paul Robbins 4
Looks interesting
Hope they come up with something new.
Matha Goram -2
Shouldn't Lufthansa retire its A340 fleet and then Airbus can say goodbye to this experiment? What advantage does A340 hold over its siblings or even the more aesthetic rivals?
paul gilpin 4
the a340 is simply the test bed for this technology/technique. they picked one up cheap one weekend and said let's use this.
Matha Goram 1
Thanks for the clarification. I guess I jumped the gun by not reading (or comprehending) the article fully. There are plenty of idle A340 for these experiments.
paul gilpin 1
no worries. and a thank you to yourself, for not calling me out on my sarcasm regarding the "cheap one weekend" phrase.


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