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PICTURE: Beluga XL cockpit section delivered to Airbus

Airbus has taken delivery of the nose section for its first A330-700 Beluga XL transport aircraft. The nose and cockpit have been constructed by Stelia Aerospace at a French facility in Meaulte. It was shipped to the Beluga XL's final assembly line in Toulouse by an Airbus A300-600ST freighter, the aircraft which the XL will eventually replace. ( More...

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bouzenad salim 3
Michael Groszek 1
I voted for this design
brian Gaskill -8
Yet another ugly airbus...its a wonder they made such beautiful a/c in the 330-340 lines. Everything else out of toulouse is so ugly.
Jan Strömbäck 9
In this case it's definitly function before design, fully understandable.


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