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WestJet Creates Happy Customers and a Pair of Guinness Records in One Flight

In a month where it seems like more and more airline customers in the news are cranky, if not downright angry, Canada’s WestJet tried something novel to thank a plane full of passengers and celebrate the company’s 21st year in business. Because WestJet delivers more passengers to Las Vegas from outside the United States than any other airline, the marketing department created a cool light show as a thank you. But the airline wanted the lighting to be spectacular, something with the pizzazz,… ( More...

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canuck44 2
WestJet certainly has a creative PR department and a leadership willing to spend the dollars to follow through. Their Christmas videos are classics and now this.

On the other hand, Air Canada got a new paint job.
mike SUT 1
4A....guess it PAYS to sit in First Class?
rapidwolve 2
Except 4A on these flights is in economy


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