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Two-Thirds of US Navy F-18s are grounded

Broken... No spare parts... Unable to repair... 2/3rds of the Navy's top strike fighters can't fly. ( More...

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Richard Orgill 5
A majority of the issue concerns the internal structural components of the forward and aft spars.

Because the all-weather attack aircraft is currently being flown beyond its originally forecast life due to mission requirements, it was experiencing significant corrosion and fatigue issues in its outer and inner wing panels.

To blame the Current, or past, POTUS for this failure shows the ignorance of the individual writing the review.

Lt. Colonel R. Orgill, USMC, Retired
canuck44 0
You are correct from the micro view but the macro view relates to the budget cuts agreed to by POTUS and Congress. That the DOD continued to throw money at the F-35 program did rob much of the funds needed to keep the fleet of F/A 18's operational. Manpower shortage doesn't help either.
Steven Fortson 2
The F-35 is a vital program and is maturing nicely. The Pentagon chose to throw money at other acquisitions that were lower priority, and delay maintenance of everything while stretching the existing forces even thinner instead of dealing with existing known issues.
Chris B 3
Would you want more new F18s and reduce the F35 buy? We can't afford both.
sueridge307 2
Try the desert floors many parts available down there big grave yard full of action waiting to return to the skies. B 52'S FA 18 HORNETS the list goes on
canuck44 1
No doubt they have already been cannibalized to keep the current fleet flying. Another report indicates that it will be two years to get the fleet to full strength (meaning half of the current hanger queens).
matt jensen 1
Do you think the Marines will loan a few?
Steven Fortson 1
The Marines are the worst off of all the services. They're actually shuffling unit transitions to the F-35B to get Hornets out of service and get airframes in better shape to units that need them.
tim mitchell 1
Fake news.....we have tons of f18s...the f18s we have are great.
canuck44 3
Guess we need to tell that to this guy as it was part of his report. He will be pleased to know this.

"Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. William Moran told lawmakers on the House Armed Services Committee earlier this week."
tim mitchell 0
It was a joke....besides Overlord Trump knows more than any VCNOA
tim mitchell 1
For the record I wouldn't doubt that the story is true..They get a lot of use with a short turn around window.
Alan Brown 1
From what I have heard and read of the F35, the F18 might be a better bet.
tim mitchell 1
I think it would be a great jet; they are just asking to much of it. It's basically a stealth harrier with f18 capability.
Steven Fortson 1
The F-35 is far ahead of any F-18. The new lot is cheaper too.


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